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Definition of Watch

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see, look; pay attention; supervise, safeguard; be careful; observe; be alert; guard; keep a vigil
small clock that is usually worn on the wrist, wristwatch; patrolling; guarding; patrol or guard duty; crew or persons on duty; state of alert (Meteorology); observation
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English-Latin Online Dictionary
vigilo, specto
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
(v. t.)
To tend; to guard; to have in keeping.
(v. t.)
To give heed to; to observe the actions or motions of, for any purpose; to keep in view; not to lose from sight and observation; as, to watch the progress of a bill in the legislature.
(v. i.)
To serve the purpose of a watchman by floating properly in its place; -- said of a buoy.
(v. i.)
To remain awake with any one as nurse or attendant; to attend on the sick during the night; as, to watch with a man in a fever.
(v. i.)
To be expectant; to look with expectation; to wait; to seek opportunity.
(v. i.)
To be awake; to be or continue without sleep; to wake; to keep vigil.
(v. i.)
To be attentive or vigilant; to give heed; to be on the lookout; to keep guard; to act as sentinel.
(v. i.)
The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept.
(v. i.)
The period of the night during which a person does duty as a sentinel, or guard; the time from the placing of a sentinel till his relief; hence, a division of the night.
(v. i.)
The act of watching; forbearance of sleep; vigil; wakeful, vigilant, or constantly observant attention; close observation; guard; preservative or preventive vigilance; formerly, a watching or guarding by night.
(v. i.)
One who watches, or those who watch; a watchman, or a body of watchmen; a sentry; a guard.
(v. i.)
A small timepiece, or chronometer, to be carried about the person, the machinery of which is moved by a spring.
That part, usually one half, of the officers and crew, who together attend to the working of a vessel for an allotted time, usually four hours. The watches are designated as the port watch, and the starboard watch.
An allotted portion of time, usually four hour for standing watch, or being on deck ready for duty. Cf. Dogwatch.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
hEnglish - advanced version

over v : follow with the eyes or the mind; "keep an eye on the baby, please!"; "the world is watching sarajevo"; "she followed the men with the binoculars" [syn: watch, observe, follow, keep an eye on]

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Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
faire f.
(wrist-watch) uaireadóir láimhe
(clock) clog
(time-piece, timekeeper) uaireadóir
v., fair
I watch: fairim, breathnaím
(stay up at) déan áirneán
English Phonetics
JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Eryl = n. a watch, a look
Gwarched = v. to ward, to watch
Gwarchodi = v. to ward, to watch
Gwil = n. a shunning; a watch
Gwyliadwraeth = n. the office or duty of a watchman; a watch
Gwylied, Gwylio = v. to watch
Oriadur = n. a time-piece, watch
Oriawr = n. time-piece, watch
Shakespeare Words
to tame by keeping constantly awake
Australian Slang
stupid; idiotic; erratic
a watch costing only two bob would not be very reliable
stupid; idiotic; erratic
sexually ogle males
a watch costing only two bob would not be very reliable
WordNet 2.0

1. a small portable timepiece
(synonym) ticker
(hypernym) timepiece, timekeeper
(hyponym) analog watch
(part-meronym) crystal, watch crystal, watch glass
2. a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
(hypernym) shift, work shift, duty period
(hyponym) dogwatch
3. a purposeful surveillance to guard or observe
(synonym) vigil
(hypernym) surveillance
(hyponym) listening watch, continuous receiver watch
(derivation) observe, follow, watch over, keep an eye on
4. the period during which someone (especially a guard) is on duty
(hypernym) time period, period of time, period
5. a person employed to watch for something to happen
(synonym) lookout, lookout man, sentinel, sentry, spotter, scout, picket
(hypernym) watchman, watcher, security guard
(derivation) look out, watch out
6. a devotional watch (especially on the eve of a religious festival)
(synonym) vigil
(hypernym) rite, religious rite
(hyponym) wake, viewing
(classification) religion, faith, religious belief

1. look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
(hyponym) witness
(entail) look
(derivation) vigil
2. follow with the eyes or the mind; "Keep an eye on the baby, please!"; "The world is watching Sarajevo"; "She followed the men with the binoculars"
(synonym) observe, follow, watch over, keep an eye on
(hypernym) check, check up on, look into, check out, suss out, check over, go over, check into
(hyponym) keep tabs on
(verb-group) trace, follow
(derivation) vigil
3. see or watch; "view a show on television"; "This program will be seen all over the world"; "view an exhibition"; "Catch a show on Broadway"; "see a movie"
(synonym) view, see, catch, take in
(hyponym) visualize, visualise
(verb-group) see
(derivation) vigil
4. observe with attention; "They watched as the murderer was executed"
(synonym) look on
(hyponym) sit by, sit back
(entail) see
(derivation) spectator, witness, viewer, watcher, looker
5. be vigilant, be on the lookout, be on one's guard, be careful; "Watch out for pickpockets!"
(synonym) look out, watch out
(hyponym) beware, mind
(derivation) watchman, watcher, security guard
6. observe or determine by looking; "Watch how the dog chases the cats away"
(derivation) vigil
7. find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort; "I want to see whether she speaks French"; "See whether it works"; "find out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the train leaves on time"
(synonym) determine, check, find out, see, ascertain, learn
(hyponym) test
(verb-group) see, check, insure, see to it, ensure, control, ascertain, assure
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2K Group Shipping, Trade, Insurance Dictionary
The day at sea is divided into six four hour periods. Three groups of watchstanders are on duty for four hours and then off for eight, then back to duty. Seamen often work overtime during their off time.
Watch Definition from Social Science Dictionaries & Glossaries
The fear that wherever you are, a duck is watching
Fear of clocks
Fear of time
Fear of being stared at
Dream Dictionary
To dream of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one, your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one, there will be distress and loss menacing you.

To drop the crystal of one, foretells carelessness, or unpleasant companionship. For a woman to lose one, signifies domestic disturbances will produce unhappiness. To imagine you steal one, you will have a violent enemy who will attack your reputation.

To make a present of one, denotes you will suffer your interest to decline in the pursuance of undignified recreations.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
Watch Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
A forecast issued well in advance of a severe weather event to alert the public of the possibility of a particular hazard, such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash and river floods, winter storms, or heavy snows.
An NWS product indicating that a particular hazard is possible, i.e., that conditions are more favorable than usual for its occurrence. A watch is a recommendation for planning, preparation, and increased awareness (i.e., to be alert for changing weather, listen for further information, and think about what to do if the danger materializes).
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Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
(Mustek, ScanMagic & others)
Direct Scan System Tray utility installed by the Twain drivers for Mustek and ScanMagic scanners, and possibly other makes of scanners. In this case "Direct Scan" is not quite what its name normally implies when used in conjunction with other scanners. Here WATCH is simply a green System Tray icon which depicts a scanner. When you double-click on it it brings up the scanning software that came with the scanner and its Twain drivers, and it enables you to scan or call up other utilities to do with your scanner.
Recommendation :
This icon is larger than most System Tray icons, and it is so life-like and so noticeable, it actually makes remembering how to start the scanner, dead easy. We find it very user friendly as a result and recommend keeping it.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
A watch is a small timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. It is designed to keep working despite the motions caused by the person's activities. A wristwatch is designed to be worn on a wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet. A pocket watch is designed for a person to carry in a pocket.

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The day at sea is divided into six four hour periods. Three groups of watchstanders are on duty for four hours and then off for eight, then back to duty. Seamen often work overtime during their off time.
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The Scotch Whisky by SDA v.4.20
The Black Watch, Blended Scotch Whisky
By: The Black Watch Distillers (Keith, Scotland)
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English to Federation-Standard Golic Vulcan
English - Klingon
v. bej
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Working Group for the Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (ACTS)
A Basic Guide to ASL
The right curved index fingertip is made to tap the back of the left wrist a few times.
The thumb and index finger of the right hand, forming a circle, are placed on the back of the left wrist.
The right 'V' hand, palm facing the body, is placed so that the fingertips are just under the eyes. The hand swing around and out, so that the fingertips are now pointing forward.