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Definition of Variant

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that which differs somewhat from the norm
Variant Definition from Language, Idioms & Slang Dictionaries & Glossaries
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Something which differs in form from another thing, though really the same; as, a variant from a type in natural history; a variant of a story or a word.
Varying in from, character, or the like; variable; different; diverse.
Changeable; changing; fickle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
hEnglish - advanced version

variate \va"ri*ate\ (?), v. t. & i. [l. variatus, p. p. of variare. see vary.] to alter; to make different; to vary.

for Vocabulary Exams of KPDS, YDS,UDS (in Turkey); and SAT in America
A thing that differs from another in form only, being the same in essence or substance.
WordNet 2.0

1. an event that departs from expectations
(synonym) discrepancy, variance
(hypernym) deviation, divergence, departure, difference
(derivation) deviate, vary, diverge, depart
2. (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups; "a new strain of microorganisms"
(synonym) form, strain, var.
(hypernym) taxonomic group, taxonomic category, taxon
(member-holonym) species
(classification) biology, biological science
3. a variable quantity that is random
(synonym) random variable, variate, stochastic variable, chance variable
(hypernym) variable, variable quantity
4. something a little different from others of the same type; "an experimental version of the night fighter"; "an emery wheel is a modern variant of the grindstone"; "the boy is a younger edition of his father"
(synonym) version, variation, edition
(hypernym) type
(derivation) change, alter, vary

1. differing from a norm or standard; "a variant spelling"
(similar) different
Variant Definition from Government Dictionaries & Glossaries
DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
1. One of two or more cipher or code symbols that have the same plain text equivalent. 2. One of several plain text meanings that are represented by a single code group. Also called alternative.
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )
Variant Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Telecommunication Standard Terms
1. One of two or more code symbols which have the same plain text equivalent. [NIS] 2. One of several plain text meanings that are represented by a single code group. [JP1]
Variant Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Panda Software Glossary
A variant is a modified version of an original virus, which may vary from the original in terms of means of infection and the effects that it has.
Variant Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Variant may refer to:
  • Variant name (geography), a name for a geographic feature that is not in primary use
  • Variant Chinese character, Chinese characters that can be used interchangeably
  • Chess variant, a game derived from, related to or similar to chess in at least one respect
  • Orthographical variant, a variant spelling of the same botanical name
  • Variant symlinks, a symbolic link to a file that has a variable name embedded in it
  • Variant (magazine), British cultural magazine since 1984
  • Variant type, in programming languages
  • Volkswagen Variant, an air-cooled station wagon produced until the early 1980s
  • Z-variant, unicode characters that share the same etymology but have slightly different appearances
  • Variant cover, an issue of comic books printed with multiple cover art
  • Variant (logic), a term or formula obtained from another one by consistently renaming all variables
  • TeST TST-5 Variant, a Czech aircraft design of the 1990s

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Variant Definition from Law Dictionaries & Glossaries
President's DNA Initiative Glossary
A dissimilarity in the commonly occuring sequence of a gene.
Source: The President's DNA Initiative ( About )
Variant Definition from Entertainment & Music Dictionaries & Glossaries
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