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Definition of Tsadbot

Tsadbot Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
(Conducent / TimeSink)
This is about the worst type of advertising spyware (adware) you can find on the web. Difficult to de-install, significantly hammers your network with connection attempts if it operates behind a firewall and cannot connect to Conducent’s ad servers, and a significant proportion of the ads that it displays on your PC are full page ads. TSADBOT comes with free versions of software packages such as PKZIP for Windows. As if the above problems were not enough, at the time of writing of this page TimeSink / Conducent seem to have gone out of business with the result that TSADBOT makes endless attempts to connect to non-existing servers, thereby seriously degrading the performance of your Internet connection.
Recommendation :
While the software manufacturers who use TSADBOT will sing a different tune, we feel no-one should ever use software which makes use of such ill-behaved adware. Look for alternatives, there usually are some pretty good ones, and the reason for this advice is that most products which use TSADBOT will not work if you de-install, delete, or try to disable this advertising spyware. As a result our advice is : check with us to see if we know an alternative "free" product for the product you are using – if we do know one, then de-install your present software, download, install, and run SpyBot Search & Destroy from our Downloads section to remove TSADBOT and all other TimeSink advertising spyware, and then install the alternative product we have suggested.