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Definition of Rtvscan

Rtvscan Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
Real Time Virus Scan service installed by Norton Anti-Virus 7.x for Windows NT/2000. This service keeps in touch with the Symantec System Center via "keepalive packets" so that updates can be delivered to you quickly. RTVSCAN’s main purpose, however, is, as the name implies, to scan accessed files in real time, in the background.
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As it is the main component of "real-time virus scanning" for Norton Anti-Virus 7.x and above, you should leave this process alone. That said, there are some known compatibility issues with WordPerfect, so make sure to check the Symantec site for product updates (as opposed to virus updates). Also, if you have the Corporate Edition, and you have a permanent connection to the Internet, make sure you change the frequency of keepalive packages from its 3-minute default to something more stretched out (e.g. 12-hours for standard installations) as you will otherwise get significantly irritated by temporary freezes of your PC much in the same way as with Microsoft’s infamous "FastFind".
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Norton AntiVirus, developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation, was providing malware prevention and removal during a subscription period. It used signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features included in it were e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection.

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