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Definition of Rscmpt

Rscmpt Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
Well, well, well. What have NVidia either done, or allowed to happen ?! There is absolutely nothing positive we can say about this task. It goes like this : you purchase an NVidia chipset card and install the drivers – you have Windows 2000. Let’s say the card is a 64Mb graphics card. If you install the NVidia drivers from the NVidia site, you find that your card gets recognised as only a 32Mb card. If you then decide to install the drivers from the CD that came with the card, you find that your card gets recognised successfully but there is a new task running, RSCMPT, which gobbles up CPU resources, up to 99% sometimes. So, to summarise : without RSCMPT your card gets recognised at boot-up as the card you bought, a 64Mb card, but when you are in Windows it gets recognised as only half that, 32Mb. On the other hand, with RSCMPT Windows recognises your card properly but your PC slows down to a crawl.
Recommendation :
Something is not right, whether with Windows 2000, or the NVidia chipset under Windows 2000, or the implementation of the NVidia chipset by 3rd party graphics cards manufacturers. One thing for sure, something is definitely not right with RSCMPT. At the time of writing, 29-Dec-2002, a search for RSCMPT on the NVidia site yields nothing, and that is not right as, with so many users experiencing difficulties, they must know about the problem (even if it has nothing to do with them, ie. it is the fault of 3rd party manufacturers, they should be issuing a statement about it). In our view, if you have just bought the card and you experience this problem, return it and get a different one – be practical, effectively. Note that this problem has also been observed on Windows 98 PCs.