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Babylon Portuguese-English Dictionary

The Babylon Portuguese-English Dictionary by Babylon Ltd., contains English definitions to 58557 Portuguese terms.

Open Babylon Portuguese-English Dictionary Dictionary

Construction, Ship Building & Petroleum Terms

The Construction, Ship Building & Petroleum Terms by Nubio Nunes Revoredo (Rio de Janeiro), contains English definitions to 9163 Portuguese terms.

Open Construction, Ship Building & Petroleum Terms Dictionary

Portuguese-English Online Dictionary

The Portuguese-English Online Dictionary by Tom van der Meijden, contains English definitions to 5333 Portuguese terms.

Open Portuguese-English Online Dictionary Dictionary

TOTFinder Oil Refinery Dictionary

The TOTFinder Oil Refinery Dictionary by Ernesto Veras, contains English definitions to 4343 Portuguese terms.

Open TOTFinder Oil Refinery Dictionary Dictionary

Portuguese-English Legal Dictionary

The Portuguese-English Legal Dictionary by Silvana Jurado, contains English definitions to 2718 Portuguese terms.

Open Portuguese-English Legal Dictionary Dictionary

Brazilian Slang Dictionary (Portuguese-English)

The Brazilian Slang Dictionary (Portuguese-English) by Jessica Krünig, contains English definitions to 980 Portuguese terms.

Open Brazilian Slang Dictionary (Portuguese-English) Dictionary

Portuguese-English Mechanics Dictionary (da Costa)

The Portuguese-English Mechanics Dictionary (da Costa) by Paulo Roberto da Costa, contains English definitions to 968 Portuguese terms.

Open Portuguese-English Mechanics Dictionary (da Costa) Dictionary

English-Portuguese Home Appliances Glossary

The English-Portuguese Home Appliances Glossary by Juscelino Franklin dos Santos, contains English definitions to 843 Portuguese terms.

Open English-Portuguese Home Appliances Glossary Dictionary

Portuguese-English Futures and Options Terminology

The Portuguese-English Futures and Options Terminology by Center for Futures Education, Inc., contains English definitions to 253 Portuguese terms.

Open Portuguese-English Futures and Options Terminology Dictionary