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Definition of Newsupd

Newsupd Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
(Creative Labs)
News Update System Tray task which gets installed when you install the full suite of add-on applications that come with SoundBlaster Live soundcards. On non-DELL PCs this task is called NEWSUPD – on DELL systems, however, it is called UPDTRAY. Its main purpose seems to be to alert the user to software and hardware updates for his Creative Labs products. If you have a permanent Internet connection and a firewall, you will notice regular attempts from this task at connecting back to Creative Labs servers.
Recommendation :
Another Creative Labs nightmare. On Windows XP this task often causes endless startup and shutdown errors, while in other Windows environments some users experience Windows hangs and freezes caused directly by this task. Additionally, there is no information on the Creative Labs site as to what exact data this task exchanges over the Internet between your PC and the Creative Labs servers – that alone is sufficient in our mind to recommend that you always Disable/Delete this task. You can either do that by double-clicking on the System Tray icon and setting it as "disabled", or you can delete/disable the task with Startup Manager.