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Definition of Mmc

Babylon English

(Computers) expansion card that allows a computer to read and run multimedia files (sound, graphics, etc.)
Mmc Definition from Arts & Humanities Dictionaries & Glossaries
Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms
MIDI Machine Control. A variation of the MIDI language designed for controlling mechanical equipment (eg Tape Players).
Jon Primrose
Mmc Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
NCTS Glossary v.1.0
Microsoft Management Console
Company Info: Ticker, Name, Description
Marsh and Mclennan Compan
Exchange: NYSE
Holding company with subsidiaries which perform insurance and reinsurance services on a worldwide basis, as broker, agent or consultant for insureds, insurance underwriters and other brokers; Provide insurance program management services involving wide range of insurance and related products for individuals and others
Mmc Definition from Government Dictionaries & Glossaries
DOD Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations
materiel management center
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )
International Relations and Security Acronyms
MPF Maintenance Cycle
Mmc Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microwave/Millimeterwave Components
Roman to Arabic Numerals
Equivalent to number 2100
Mmc Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Computer Abbreviations v1.5
Matched Memory Cycle + Microcomputer Marketing Council + Microsoft Management Console [Microsoft]
9300+ Computer Acronyms
MultiMedia Commands
Uri's File.*Xten.c.ons*
Matched Memory Cycle + Microcomputer Marketing Council +
Steve's Digicams Digital Camera Dictionary
MultiMedia Card, a flash memory card used in some digicams and MP3 players. It is identical in size and shape to the Secure Digital (SD) flash cards.
and check here: Flash Memory Cards/Readers
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
Microsoft Management Console. A massively irritating piece of software that you have no choice but to use to manage most of Microsoft’s latter system products (SQL Server, Exchange server, and more...). At the time of writing, 23-Jan-2003, there is nothing we like about Microsoft’s Management Console. First it’s slow. Second, it’s slow. Third, it’s slow. You can’t have it open in Maximised mode, you always have to maximise it manually. It won’t remember your column widths. It won’t remember your column rearrangements, it won’t remember your sort order, etc.., etc.. It is an incredible time waster, yet you are stuck with having to use it, and more often than you realise – when you are in any Administrative Tool in Windows 2000/XP, such as "Computer Management", that is what you are using and that is why it appears in your Task List. Can you ever remember wasting soooo much time managing system stuff in Windows 95/98/ME ? Of course not. Who wrote this MMC rubbish ??!!
Recommendation :
As explained above, it is an integral part of Windows 2000/XP and opens up when you are using any Administrative Tool, that is why it shows in the Task List. However sometimes, because of bugs, it remains in the Task List even though you have no management window open anywhere. When it does it consumes memory (but not CPU time) – you can End Task on it.
Mmc Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
MMC may stand for: In business:
  • Material Movement Coordinator - manages movement of materials between production facility and 3PL (third party logistics)
  • Media Corp., former name of the US digital media company PMC
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies, an American-based global professional services firm
  • MinuteMen Creatives, the first student-led advertising agency
  • Material Móvil y Construcciones (MMC), a predecessor company to Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles
  • MMC Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian investment holding company
  • Monopolies and Mergers Commission, the former name of the British Competition Commission
  • My Major Company, a fan-funded music label based in the United Kingdom and France
  • Master Municipal Clerk, a certification in the US for a Municipal Clerk

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Mmc Definition from Entertainment & Music Dictionaries & Glossaries
Guitar Glossary
An acronym for MIDI Machine Control, a way for software to remotely control hardware (tape deck transports) via MIDI. Tape decks must support MMC with a MIDI to tape transport control interface.
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