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Definition of Int

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inner, interior, of or pertaining to the inside
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hEnglish - advanced version

1. a common name for the integer data type. in c for example, it means a (signed) integer of the computer's native word length
2. the top-level domain for international organisations.

JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Aro = int. I pray
Ffei = int. begone! off! shame! fie
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BASSAM Trade, Real Estate, Mortgage, Fund,Invest, Insurance,& Tax,Terms/abbreviations/defin.
Imp/Export field
Company Info: Ticker, Name, Description
Exchange: NYSE
Markets aviation and marine fuel; And recycles non-hazardous petroleum products and petroleum contaminated liquids.
INT Media Group Incorporated
Exchange: Nasdaq
Provider of global real-time news, information and media resources for internet industry and information technology professionals, web devel opers and experienced internet users.
Int Definition from Government Dictionaries & Glossaries
European Defence Agency Acronyms
Fraunhofer Institut für Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Trendanalysen
© 2005-2008 European Defence Agency. ( About )
International Relations and Security Acronyms
Interim; Intermediate
Int Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Dictionary of Automotive Terms
Abbreviation for "interior."
Aviation Acronyms and Terms
Aircraft Maintenance Acronymns
Abbreviation Airbus A340
Int Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Computer Abbreviations v1.5
Integer + Internal + Interrupt + International (organization Domain name) [Internet]
9300+ Computer Acronyms
Uri's File.*Xten.c.ons*
Integer + Internal + Interrupt +
Multi Internet Domains
International Internet Clients
Internet Domains
International Internet clients
Noman's Java(TM) Glossary
A Java programming language keyword used to define a variable of type integer. The bit representation of int is 32 bits wide and can hold values in the range -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647.
A Glossary of Internet & PC Terminology
The Domain Name System is how the Internet links together the thousands of Networks that it is comprised of. The DNS is utilised whenever you send an Email or access a particular Web Page . Each computer on the Internet has a one of more Domain Names such as "". The .co indicates a commercial organisation & the .uk indicates that the computer is in the United Kingdom.
Standard conventions used in Domain Names include:-
ac - Educational institution
co - Commercial organisation
com - Commercial organisation
edu - Educational institution
gov - Non military government organisations
int - International Organisations
mil - Military government organisations
net - Networks
org - non profit organisation
You will also see these codes in URL's such as

These DNS converts the Domain Names to a unique number known as an IP address (the IP stands for Internet Protocol). You will often see the IP address displayed by your Web Browser when you are connecting to a particular computer.
Internet and Chat Abbreviations
I'll Never Tell
Int Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
INT may refer to:
  • abbreviation for interjection
  • Telecom & Management SudParis, formerly Institut National des Télécommunications (INT), a French higher education institute
  • Telecom SudParis, formerly Telecom INT, a French grande ecole, graduate school for engineers
  • Telecom Business School, formerly INT Management, a French Grande Ecole, graduate business school
  • Smith Reynolds Airport, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • The Israel National Trail, a hiking trail that crosses Israel
  • an interception in American football statistics
  • The Interstate Railroad, A former US railroad.
  • Int Base, the headquarters of the Church of Scientology

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The domain name int is a sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Its name is derived from the word international, characterizing its use for international organizations and treaty-related purposes. The first use of this domain was by NATO, which had previously been assigned the top-level domain nato.

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Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
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The Daily Script Glossary
Interior. This scene takes place indoors. This is mostly for producers to figure out the probable cost of a film project.