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Definition of Idra

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infectious disease risk assessment
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )
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Gregory "Greg" Fields, better known by his in-game name IdrA (pronounced /ˈɪˌdrə/ I-dru) is a former professional StarCraft II and Brood War player who predominantly played as Terran in Brood War, but switched to Zerg for StarCraft II. He is currently sponsored by Tt eSports and has won community approval as a caster. After a retirement to focus on school, he has returned to former team Evil Geniuses for Heroes of the Storm.

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The Idra, which means threshing floor in Aramaic, is a Kabbalistic work included in printings of the Zohar, and was probably written and appended to the main body of the Zohar at a later date. Contemporary scholars believe the Idra dates to the third generation of Zoharic literature, which produced also the Tikunei haZohar, the Ra'aya Meheimna, and other Zoharic material. The main body of the Zohar, or guf ha-zohar, dates to the second generation of Zoharic material.

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