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Definition of Foley

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technical process by which sounds are produced or modified for use in a movie or video; foley artist, technician who creates or adds sound effects (such as sound of walking feet, doors closing, rain falling); indwelling catheter (Medicine)
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Digital Video (DV) & video edit terms / Eng2Eng v1.0 (web compilation)
Background sounds added during audio sweetening to heighten realism, e.g., footsteps, bird calls, heavy breathing, short gasps, etc.
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Foley may refer to:

United States
  • Foley, Alabama
  • Foley, Florida, a community in Taylor County, Florida
  • Foley, Minnesota
  • Foley, Missouri
  • Foley Field, baseball stadium in Athens, Georgia
  • Foley Square in Manhattan

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Guitar Glossary
Film term used to describe the process of triggering the proper sound effect at the precise time. Usually the trigger time is specified as a SMPTE time given in hours, seconds, minutes, and frames.
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film and video
Creating sound effects by watching picture and mimicking the action, often with props that do not exactly match the action.
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Hepatitis Central (TM) Liver Disease Medical Glossary
A foley (indwelling) catheter. This is a thin flexible tube inserted into the urethra in order to drain the bladder