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Definition of F&es

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six letter of the English alphabet
Fahrenheit (temperature scale)
musical note
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JM Latin-English Dictionary
abb. N C
son/daughter; filius/filia| abb. f.
Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms
Registration. Scott catalog number prefix to identify stamps other than standard postage.
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\f\ (&ebreve;f).
1. f is the sixth letter of the english alphabet, and a nonvocal consonant. its form and sound are from the latin. the latin borrowed the form from the greek digamma &?;, which probably had the value of english w consonant. the form and value of greek letter came from the phœnician, the ultimate source being probably egyptian. etymologically f is most closely related to p, k, v, and b; as in e. five, gr. pe`nte; e. wolf, l. lupus, gr. ly`kos; e. fox, vixen; fragile, break; fruit, brook, v. t.; e. bear, l. ferre. see guide to pronunciation, §§ 178, 179, 188, 198, 230.
2. (mus.) the name of the fourth tone of the model scale, or scale of c. f sharp (f ♯) is a tone intermediate between f and g.
clef, the bass clef. see under clef.
adj : of a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 32 degrees f and the boiling point as 212 degrees f at one atmosphere of pressure; "the fahrenheit scale" [syn: fahrenheit, fahr]
[ant: celsius] n

1. a degree on the fahrenheit scale of temperature [syn: degree fahrenheit , f]

2. a nonmetallic univalent element; usually a yellow irritating toxic flammable gas; a powerful oxidizing agent; recovered from fluorite or cryolite or fluorapatite [syn: fluorine, f, atomic number 9]

3. the capacitance of a capacitor that has an equal and opposite charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a voltage difference of 1 volt between the plates [syn: farad, f]

4. the 6th letter of the roman alphabet [syn: f]

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JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
F = Is of a similar sound to the English V; and is used as a mutation of m. and B, but it is not a radical letter in the Welsh language.
Ff = Has the sound of English F