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Definition of Devldr32

Devldr32 Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Microsoft Windows Task List Programs Glossary by SRP
(Creative Labs)
Creative Ring3 NT Interface!! Runs solely on Windows 2000/XP. Just when you thought you’d got rid of DEVLDR16, along comes your SoundBlaster Live! soundcard’s DEVLDR32 which is just as problematic ! As one website puts it "Rumours that Creative's driver team is composed entirely of gorillas enthusiastically beating on their keyboards with their feet have not been confirmed !". Although we do not know yet what purpose DEVLDR32 serves, it seems to be crucial to the audio input, the Creative Mixer, the PlayCenter, and the AudioHQ application. Most of the problems with DEVLDR32 are created by the installation of the Creative Liveware 3.0 software, as the DEVLDR32 loaded by that software creates endless conflicts.
Recommendation :
The list of problems is so long we will concentrate here on the major ones. If you have a shutdown problem, with DEVLDR32 hanging, try disabling the "Shutdown sound". If sound is at Max level every time you boot up, even though you adjusted it down, try the fix (search the web for it). If you have some programs which do not work properly unless DEVLDR32 is killed off through an End Task, try de-installing Liveware, and then downloading and installing the latest version. Also try that remedy if you experience blue screens, or other severe problems. If that still does not work, try de-installing the Liveware (or SBLive) software altogether. Good Luck !