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Definition of Daci

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Daci may refer to:
  • Nexhat Daci, speaker of Assembly of Kosovo from 2001 to 2006
  • Dacians, ancient Indo-European people who lived roughly in the territory of modern Romania and surrounding neighbors
  • DACI, a Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implant
  • DACI, a responsibility assignment matrix consisting of four roles; Driver, Approver, Contributor and Informed

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A Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implant - also DACI - is an acoustic implant which converts sound in mechanical vibrations that stimulate directly the perilymph inside the cochlea. The hearing function of the external and middle ear is being taken over by a little motor of a cochlear implant, directly stimulating the cochlea. With a DACI, people with no or almost no residual hearing but with a still functioning inner ear, can again perceive speech, sounds and music. DACI is an official product category, as indicated by the nomenclature of GMDN.

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