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Definition of Bundle

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number of objects that have been gathered together; package
gather together, bind together; make into a bundle, package
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
(v. t.)
To tie or bind in a bundle or roll.
(v. t.)
To send off abruptly or without ceremony.
(v. i.)
To sleep on the same bed without undressing; -- applied to the custom of a man and woman, especially lovers, thus sleeping.
(v. i.)
To prepare for departure; to set off in a hurry or without ceremony.
A number of things bound together, as by a cord or envelope, into a mass or package convenient for handling or conveyance; a loose package; a roll; as, a bundle of straw or of paper; a bundle of old clothes.
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\bun"dle\ (bŭn"d'l), n. [oe. bundel, as. byndel; akin to d. bondel, bundel, g. bündel, dim. of bund bundle, fr. the root of e. bind. see bind.] a number of things bound together, as by a cord or envelope, into a mass or package convenient for handling or conveyance; a loose package; a roll; as, a bundle of straw or of paper; a bundle of old clothes. the fable of the rods, which, when united in a bundle, no strength could bend.
pillar (arch.), a column or pier, with others of small dimensions attached to it.
\bun"dle\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. bundled (&?;); p. pr. & vb. n. bundling (&?;).]
1. to tie or bind in a bundle or roll.
2. to send off abruptly or without ceremony. they unmercifully bundled me and my gallant second into our own hackney coach. hook.

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(See make a bundle)
English Idioms WM 1.3a
See make a bundle
Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
English Phonetics
JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Bwrnel = n. a bundle, a pack
Byrnaid = n. a truss, a bundle
Byrniaw = v. to truss, to bundle
Cnu = n. a bundle; a fleece
Dref = n. tie, bundle
Drefu = v. to bundle; to thrave
Dylwf = n. a bundle, a wisp
Ffagod = n. a faggott, a bundle
Ffagodi = v. to faggot, to bundle
Ffasg = n. a tie, a bundle
Ffasgell = n. a bundle, a whisp
Ffun = n. a bundle, a bind
Ffunell = n. a small bundle
Lloffyn = n. bundle of gleanings
Rhef = n. a bundle, a. bundled; thick
Sopenu = v. to bundle
Swb = n. a pressed heap; a bundle
Swba = n. a small bundle
Sybyrnio = to bundle, to pack up
Sybyrnyn = n. a small bundle
Sypyn = n. a small bundle
Taslo = v. to combine; to bundle
Trwlio = v. to bundle, to roll
Australian Slang
1. worldly possessions; 2. a swag
think-box, the head
to lose control of the situation and to find it hard to get it sorted out or to cope with things (“Bundle a load you carry”); to surrender, give up without trying
English Slang Dictionary v1.2
a large quantity of money
WordNet 2.0

1. a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
(synonym) package, packet, parcel
(hypernym) collection, aggregation, accumulation, assemblage
(hyponym) wisp
(derivation) bunch, bunch up, cluster, clump
2. a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing
(synonym) sheaf
(hypernym) package, parcel
(hyponym) bale
(derivation) bunch, bunch up, cluster, clump
3. a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit); "she made a bundle selling real estate"; "they sank megabucks into their new house"
(synonym) pile, big bucks, megabucks, big money
(hypernym) money
(classification) cant, jargon, slang, lingo, argot, patois, vernacular

1. make into a bundle; "he bundled up his few possessions"
(synonym) bundle up, roll up
(hypernym) pack
(derivation) package, packet, parcel
2. gather or cause to gather into a cluster; "She bunched her fingers into a fist"; "The students bunched up at the registration desk"
(synonym) bunch, bunch up, cluster, clump
(hypernym) form
(hyponym) agglomerate
(derivation) package, packet, parcel
3. compress into a wad; "wad paper into the box"
(synonym) pack, wad, compact
(hypernym) arrange, set up
(hyponym) puddle
(see-also) bundle off
(verb-group) compact, pack
4. sleep fully clothed in the same bed with one's betrothed
(synonym) practice bundling
(hypernym) sleep, kip, slumber, log Z's, catch some Z's
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Telecommunication Standard Terms
A group of optical fibers or electrical conductors, such as wires and coaxial cables, usually in a single jacket. (188 ) Note: Multiple bundles of optical fibers or electrical conductors may be placed in the same cable. [After 2196]
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Bundle or Bundling may refer to:
In marketing:
  • Product bundling, a marketing strategy that involves offering several products for sale as one combined product
  • Bundling (fundraising), when donations from many individuals are collected by one person and presented to the recipient
  • Bundling (public choice), a similar concept to product bundling that occurs in electoral republics

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cigar terms
tobacco whisk, way of packing tobacco a group of 20-25 tied leaves, also referred to as a hand
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