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Definition of Aftertouch

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perseverance of tactile sensation after the stimulus has been stopped (Medicine); ability of a music keyboard to produce effect by depressing a key after striking it (Music)
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Glossary of Electronic Music Terms
A type of control data generated by pressing down on one or more keys on a synthesizer keyboard after they have reached and are resting on the keybed. See channel pressure, poly pressure.
Pablo Aguilar
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Keyboard expression—often shortened to expression—is the ability of a keyboard musical instrument to respond to change tone or other qualities of the sound in response to velocity, pressure or other variations in how the performer depresses the keys of the musical keyboard. Expression types include:
  • Velocity sensitivity—how fast keys are pressed
  • Aftertouch, or pressure sensitivity—amount of force on held-down key
  • Displacement sensitivity—distance that a key is pressed down

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Guitar Glossary
A MIDI message that reports the amount of pressure applied to the keys after they have been pressed.
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