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Definition of Acquit

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declare innocent; pay a debt; set free, release (from a debt or duty)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
(v. t.)
To set free, release or discharge from an obligation, duty, liability, burden, or from an accusation or charge; -- now followed by of before the charge, formerly by from; as, the jury acquitted the prisoner; we acquit a man of evil intentions.
(v. t.)
To pay for; to atone for.
(v. t.)
To discharge, as a claim or debt; to clear off; to pay off; to requite.
(v. t.)
To clear one's self.
(v. t.)
To bear or conduct one's self; to perform one's part; as, the soldier acquitted himself well in battle; the orator acquitted himself very poorly.
(p. p.)
Acquitted; set free; rid of.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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acquist \ac*quist"\ (&?;), n. [cf. acquest.] acquisition; gain.

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To free or clear, as from accusation
Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
WordNet 2.0

1. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges; "The suspect was cleared of the murder charges"
(synonym) assoil, clear, discharge, exonerate, exculpate
(antonym) convict
(hypernym) pronounce, label, judge
(hyponym) vindicate
(entail) judge
(derivation) acquittal
2. behave in a certain manner; "She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"
(synonym) behave, bear, deport, conduct, comport, carry
(hypernym) hold, carry, bear
(hyponym) fluster
(verb-group) hold, carry, bear
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Dream Dictionary
To dream that you are acquitted of a crime, denotes that you are about to come into possession of valuable property, but there is danger of a law suit before obtaining possession.

To see others acquitted, foretells that your friends will add pleasure to your labors.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
In the common law tradition, an acquittal formally certifies that the accused is free from the charge of an offence, as far as the criminal law is concerned. This is so even where the prosecution is abandoned nolle prosequi. The finality of an acquittal is dependent on the jurisdiction. In some countries, such as the United States, under the rules of double jeopardy and autrefois acquit, an acquittal operates to bar the retrial of the accused for the same offense, even if new evidence surfaces that further implicates the accused. The effect of an acquittal on criminal proceedings is the same whether it results from a jury verdict, or whether it results from the operation of some other rule that discharges the accused. In other countries, the prosecuting authority may appeal an acquittal similar to how a defendant may appeal a conviction.

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Law Dictionary
To set free from an accusation of guilt by a verdict of not guilty.