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Definition of A-weighted

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Guitar Glossary
A type of measurement made through a filter with a specific frequency response. An A-weighted measurement is taken through a filter that simulates the frequency response of the human ear.
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A-weighting is the most commonly used of a family of curves defined in the International standard IEC 61672:2003 and various national standards relating to the measurement of sound pressure level. A-weighting is applied to instrument-measured sound levels in an effort to account for the relative loudness perceived by the human ear, as the ear is less sensitive to low audio frequencies. It is employed by arithmetically adding a table of values, listed by octave or third-octave bands, to the measured sound pressure levels in dB. The resulting octave band measurements are usually added (logarithmic method) to provide a single A-weighted value describing the sound; the units are written as dB(A). Other weighting sets of values - B, C, D and now Z - are discussed below.

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