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Definition of Zahak

Zahak Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Azhi-Dahaka (Avestan) Zahak (Persian) [from azhi, azi serpent; cf Sanskrit ahi] The destroying serpent or dragon; in the Avesta a three-headed dragon who strives to seize and put out the hvareno -- the sovereign light, the glory from above. He takes hold of it, but Atar, the fire god, son of Ahura Mazda, frightens him away and recovers the light. The scene of the fight is the sea, Vourukasha (the sea from which all the waters on the earth fall down with the winds and the clouds) or the waters of space (Yast 19).
Another myth, closely parallel with that in the Vedas, tells how Thraetaona Athwya slays the three-mounted, three-headed, six-eyed serpent, the most dreadful drugh created by Angra Mainyu. The scene of the battle is the four-cornered Varena, the four sided heavens (Yasna 9). Connecting the serpent with Satan or evil, Blavatsky writes: "War in heaven between Thraetaona and Azhidahaka, the destroying Serpent, ends on earth, according to Burnouf, in the battle of pious men against the power of Evil, 'of the Iranians with the Aryan Brahmins of India' " (SD 2:390).
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Zahhāk or Zahāk () (in /ذهّاک) is an evil figure in Iranian mythology, evident in ancient Iranian folklore as Aži Dahāka (Azh dahak), the name by which he also appears in the texts of the Avesta. In Middle Persian he is called Dahāg or Bēvar-Asp, the latter meaning "[he who has] 10,000 horses". In Zoroastrianism, Zahak (going under the name Aži Dahāka) is considered the son of Angra Mainyu, the foe of Ahura Mazda.

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