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Definition of Yasatas

Yasatas Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Yasatas (Avestan) Yaztan (Pahlavi) Yazdan, Izad (Persian) The adorable ones, worthy of worship; pure celestial spirits, gods lower in order than the Amesha Spentas. Their opposers were the Drvants. According to the Avesta there were yasatas of the fire and of the water, between whom stood Apam-napat -- both an Avestic and Vedic Sanskrit name -- meaning son, descendant, or offspring of the waters, i.e., the waters of space or of cosmic aether. Therefore Apan-napat corresponds to fohat and is a Sanskrit name sometimes given to Agni or cosmic fire.
The emanational procession gives
1) the waters of space;
2) their offspring or son, Apan-napat, fohat, or Agni; from whom again,
3) spring the yasatas of fire.
Speaking of the great antiquity of the Zoroastrian scriptures, Blavatsky remarks that the forefathers of "the Neo-Aryans of the post-diluvian age . . . had met before the Flood, and conversed with the pure 'Yazathas' (celestial Spirits of the Elements), whose life and food they had once shared" (SD 2:356).
In later Zoroastrianism some of these yasatas are equivalent to the archangels. The best known among these divine beings represent the three aspects of truth in action; Atar (the life-giving force and consciousness); Sraosha (the awakening voice within); and Ashi (the resulting bliss). The number of Yasatas including the Amesha Spentas is often 33.