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Definition of Tselem

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Tselem (Hebrew) A form, image, likeness; a shadowy image, a shadow. Hence also the astral "shadow" of the human physical body -- the model-body or linga-sarira. It corresponds to the Sanskrit chhayas: in the tselem of 'elohim was made 'Adam (Zohar iii, 76, Crem ed.), i.e., in the image of the pitris was fashioned mankind (cf Genesis 1:27); but not only "in the image" but likewise of the substance of the shadow itself humanity was formed; in other words, the pitris projected their astral shadows which became the lower principles of the individuals of the human race. See also Tsulma'
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Deutschkreutz is an Austrian market town in the district of Oberpullendorf in the state of Burgenland. Its Hungarian name is Sopronkeresztúr (until 1899, Németkeresztúr), in Yiddish it is called Zelem , .

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