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Definition of Tara

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n : a village in eastern ireland (northwest of dublin); seat of irish kings until 6th century [syn: tara]

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 tara vine 
Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
WordNet 2.0

1. a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin); seat of Irish kings until 6th century
(hypernym) town
(part-holonym) Ireland, Eire, Irish Free State
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Australian Post Codes
Locality : TARA
State: QLD
Australian GPS + Postcode Town Index
NSW -34.4818 147.1846 2665
NT -21.48335 134.00001
QLD -27.27675 150.4572 4421
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Threshold Analysis and Remote Access (pgm, SNA)
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Tara may refer to:

Religions and deities
  • Tara (Buddhism), a tantric meditation deity in Tibetan Buddhism
  • In Hinduism:
    • Tara (Devi), a Tantric goddess (Mahavidya)
    • Another name for Taraka, the second wife of Brihaspati
    • Tara (Ramayana), the wife of the monkey king Vali, who married Vali's brother and successor, Sugriva, after Vali's death

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Tara Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Tara or Taraka Târâ, Târakâ (Sanskrit) The wife of Brihaspati (Jupiter). The Puranas relate that Soma, the moon, carried Tara off with him, which brought about the great war in heaven between the gods and the asuras. Brahma put an end to the war and had Tara restored to Brihaspati. She then gave birth to a son, Budha (esoteric wisdom), whom she claimed was the son of Soma.
"Soma is the moon astronomically; but in mystical phraseology, it is also the name of the sacred beverage drunk by the Brahmins and the Initiates during their mysteries and sacrificial rites. . . .
"Soma was never given in days of old to the non-initiated Brahman -- the simple Grihasta, or priest of the exoteric ritual. Thus Brihaspati -- 'guru of the gods' though he was -- still represented the dead-letter form of worship. It is Tara his wife -- the symbol of one who, though wedded to dogmatic worship, longs for true wisdom -- who is shown as initiated into his mysteries by King Soma, the giver of that Wisdom. Soma is thus made in the allegory to carry her away. The result of this is the birth of Budha -- esoteric Wisdom -- (Mercury, or Hermes in Greece and Egypt.) He is represented as 'so beautiful,' that even the husband, though well aware that Budha is not the progeny of his dead-letter worship -- claims the 'new-born' as his Son, the fruit of this ritualistic and meaningless forms. Such is, in brief, one of the meanings of the allegory" (SD 2:498-9).
Buddhism Glossary
A female manifestation in Tibet of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, whose Tibetan form is Chenrezig. She can appear in 21 different forms, which differ in attributes and are known by their color. She appears in both peaceful and wrathful manifestations. The most commonly appearing forms are Green Tara and White Tara. She is often revered as a yidam, guiding Vajrayana monks towards enlightenment. Included in her earthly manifestations are the two consorts of King Songtsen Gampo who brought Buddhism to Tibet in the seventh century, who is himself considered an manifestation of Chenrezig.