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Definition of Supercession

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This is the theological concept that, because Judaism did not accept Jesus as their Messiah, God terminated his covenants with the Jewish people and transferred them to the followers of Christianity.  It relegates Judaism to an inferior position and recognizes Christianity as the 'true' or 'spiritual' Israel. This concept was first developed by Justin Martyr (circa 100 to 165 CE) and Irenaeus of Lyon (circa 130 to 200 CE). It was largely accepted within the church by the 4th century. It has led to a great deal of persecution of Jews  by Christians. Conservative Christians still believe in this principle.
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Supersessionism, also called replacement theology or fulfillment theology, is a Christian theological view on the current status of the  church in relation to the Jewish people and Judaism. It holds that the Christian Church has succeeded the Israelites as the definitive people of God or that the New Covenant has replaced or superseded the Mosaic covenant. From a supersessionist's "point of view, just by continuing to exist [outside the Church], the Jews dissent".This view directly contrasts with dual-covenant theology which holds that the Mosaic covenant remains valid for Jews.

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