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Definition of Succession

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progression, sequence, series; order in which one person takes the place of another; process through which an individual takes on the position or property of another
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Kant Glossary
[B219] Succession is one of three modes of times, all of which are highly interdependent, the other two being duration and coexistence. [B154] Kant holds that we "successively determine inner sense" (i..e, construct time) in the synthesis of the manifold of intuitions; it is a crucial Kantian thesis that apprehension of the manifold is successive. In the Second Analogy he distinguishes two ways in which the apprehension is successive, namely, subjectively and objectively, and argues that the possibility of synthesizing the manifold as successive (i.e., even in a "subjective" sense) requires our representing events as causally determined, i.e., as each event necessarily succeeding its cause.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
The right to enter upon the possession of the property of an ancestor, or one near of kin, or one preceding in an established order.
The power or right of succeeding to the station or title of a father or other predecessor; the right to enter upon the office, rank, position, etc., held ny another; also, the entrance into the office, station, or rank of a predecessor; specifically, the succeeding, or right of succeeding, to a throne.
The person succeeding to rank or office; a successor or heir.
The act of succeeding, or following after; a following of things in order of time or place, or a series of things so following; sequence; as, a succession of good crops; a succession of disasters.
An order or series of descendants; lineage; race; descent.
A series of persons or things according to some established rule of precedence; as, a succession of kings, or of bishops; a succession of events in chronology.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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 singular succession 
 line of succession 
 war of the spanish succession 
 vacant succession 
 war of the austrian succession 
 apostolical succession 
WordNet 2.0

1. a following of one thing after another in time; "the doctor saw a sequence of patients"
(synonym) sequence, chronological sequence, successiveness, chronological succession
(hypernym) temporal arrangement, temporal order
(hyponym) rain, pelting
(derivation) succeed, come after, follow
2. a group of people or things arranged or following in order; "a succession of stalls offering soft drinks"; "a succession of failures"
(hypernym) series
(hyponym) cascade
3. the action of following in order; "he played the trumps in sequence"
(synonym) sequence
(hypernym) order, ordering
(hyponym) alternation
(derivation) succeed, come after, follow
4. (ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established
(synonym) ecological succession
(hypernym) natural process, natural action, action, activity
(classification) ecology, bionomics, environmental science
5. acquisition of property by descent or by will
(synonym) taking over
(hypernym) acquisition
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Sean_Woo's Finance,GIS & Real Estate Glossary
In real estate, combined changes in occupancy and density of use frequently are referred to as land-use succession.
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Glossary of Marine Biology
A predictable ordering of a dominance of a species or groups of species following the opening of an environment to biological colonization
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Succession is the act or process of following in order or sequence.

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Succession Definition from Law Dictionaries & Glossaries
The 'Lectric Law Library
SUCCESSION - The right and transmission of the rights an obligations of the deceased to his heirs. Succession signifies also the estate, rights and charges which a person leaves after his death, whether the property exceed the charges, or the charges exceed the property, or whether he has left only charges without property. The succession not only includes the rights and obligations of the deceased, as they exist at the time of his death, but all that has accrued thereto since the opening of the succession, as also of the new charges to which it becomes subject. Finally, succession signifies also that right by which the beir can take possession of the estate of the de-ceased, such as it may be.

There are three sorts of successions, to wit: testamentary succession; legal succession; and, irregular succession. 1. Testamentary succession is that which results from the Constitution of the heir, contained in a testament executed in the form prescribed by law. 2. Legal succession is that which is established in favor of the nearest relations of the deceased. 3. Irregular succession is that which is established by law in favor of certain persons or of the state in default of heirs either legal or instituted by testament.

The lines of a regular succession are divided into three, which rank among themselves in the following order: 1. Descendants. 2. Ascendants. 3. Collaterals.

com. law. The mode by which one set of persons, members of a corporation aggregate, acquire the rights of another set which preceded them. This term in strictness is to be applied only to such corporations.

SUCCESSOR - One who follows or comes into the place of another.

This term is applied more particularly to a sole co6-oration, or to any corporation. The word beir is more correctly applicable to a common person who takes an estate by descent.

It is also used to designate a person who has been appointed or elected to some office, after another person.

This entry contains material from Bouvier's Legal Dictionary, a work published in the 1850's.
Courtesy of the 'Lectric Law Library.
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Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
(Biology) Directional, orderly process of change in a living community in which the community modifies the physical environment to eventually establish an ecosystem which is as stable as possible at the site in question.
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English - Klingon
n. cho'
v. ja'chuq
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Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
order; succession; mountainous
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (1869) , by Roswell D. Hitchcock. About