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Definition of Spatial-temporal reasoning

Spatial-temporal reasoning Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
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Spatial–temporal reasoning is an area of Artificial Intelligence in computer science working on representing and reasoning spatial-temporal knowledge in mind, developing high-level control systems of robots for navigating and understanding time and space, either by leveraging results on spatial-temporal knowledge in mind of other research fields, i.e. cognitive psychology, linguistics, or based on commonsense understanding of space and time of researchers themselves. A convergent result in cognitive psychology is that the connection relation is the first spatial relation that human babies acquire, followed by understanding orientation relations and distance relations. Internal relations among the three kinds of spatial relations can be computationally and systematically explained within the theory of cognitive prism as follows: (1) the connection relation is primitive; (2) an orientation relation is a distance comparison relation: you being in front of me can be interpreted as you are nearer to my front side than my other sides; (3) a distance relation is connection relations using a third object: you being one meter away from me can be interpreted as an object with the maximum extension of one meter can be connected with you and me simultaneously.

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