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Definition of Soft wheat flour

Soft wheat flour Definition from Society & Culture Dictionaries & Glossaries
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Different kinds of wheat flours are selected for those qualities specific to the food product. For example: hard wheat flour from hard red winter and hard red spring wheat is usually higher in protein than other wheat flours. Hard wheat flour is more suitable for commercial bread production because it has the qualities to produce a lighter, more porous texture. This is the same reason that hard wheat flour is added to whole wheat and rye flours for bread.
Soft wheat flours, from soft red winter wheat and white winter wheat are sold for family use for biscuit or cake flours. In commercial production it is used from crackers,cakes, cookies and pastries.
Consumers are seldom aware of the hardness or softness
of flour. These are the characteristics of the two types:
hard wheat falls into separate particles if shaken in the hand while soft wheat flour clumps a bit and tends to hold its shape if pressed together. Hard wheat flour feels somewhat course and granular when rubbed between the fingers. Soft wheat flour feels smooth, more like talcum powder.