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Definition of Smoke point

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Glossary of petroleum Industry
One of the specifications on jet-engine fuel. Kerosene or jet fuel with a low smoke point is not as desirable as fuel with a high smoke point. Hydrotreating the fuel reduces the smoke or gives it a higher smoke point. This is not a contradiction, as it appears. The high and low smoke points indicate the high and low points on the wick of a testing device made like an old fashioned kerosene lamp. The higher the wick can be turned up while burning the sample of jet fuel without producing smoke, the cleaner burning it is; thus the high smoke point.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
The smoke point of an oil or fat is the temperature at which, under defined conditions, enough volatile compounds emerge when a bluish smoke becomes clearly visible from the oil. At this temperature, volatile compounds, such as free fatty acids, and short-chain degradation products of oxidation come up from the oil. These volatile compounds degrade in air to give soot. The smoke point indicates the temperature limit up to which that cooking oil can be used. their changes are co related

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