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Definition of Shar

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("shell archive", after ar and tar) any of the many unix programs that creates a flattened representation of one or more files, with the unique property that it can be unflattened (the original files extracted) merely by feeding it through a standard unix shell. the output of shar, known as a "shar file" or "sharchive", can be distributed to anyone running unix, and no special unpacking software is required.

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 shar file 
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Shell Archive
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Shell Archive
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In the Unix operating system, shar (an abbreviation of shell archive) is an archive format. A shar file is a shell script, and executing it will recreate the files. This is a type of self-extracting archive file. It can be created with the Unix shar utility. To extract the files, only the standard Unix Bourne shell sh is usually required.

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