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Definition of Sensitization

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process of making sensitive, process of causing sensitivity; condition of being sensitive; (Psychology) process of becoming very sensitive to particular situations or happenings (particularly emotional happenings or sentimental situations)
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WordNet 2.0

1. the state of being sensitive (as to an antigen)
(synonym) sensitisation
(hypernym) sensitivity, predisposition
(hyponym) irritation
2. (psychology) the process of becoming highly sensitive to specific events or situations (especially emotional events or situations)
(synonym) sensitisation
(hypernym) process
(derivation) sensitize, sensitise, sensify, sensibilize, sensibilise
(classification) psychology, psychological science
3. rendering an organism sensitive to a serum by a series of injections
(synonym) sensitizing, sensitising, sensitisation
(hypernym) immunization, immunisation
(derivation) sensitize, sensitise
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An immune capability developed following an individual's exposure to a specific antigen. Subsequent exposure results in an immune reaction.
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Diabetes Glossary
Potential recipients are "sensitized" if there are antibodies in their blood, usually because of pregnancy, blood transfusions or previous rejection of an organ transplant. Sensitization is measured by PRA. Highly sensitized patients are more likely to reject an organ transplant than unsensitized patients.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Sensitization is a non-associative learning process in which repeated administrations of a stimulus results in the progressive amplification of a response. Sensitization often is characterized by an enhancement of response to a whole class of stimuli in addition to the one that is repeated. For example, repetition of a painful stimulus may make one more responsive to a loud noise.

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