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Definition of Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed Definition from Law Dictionaries & Glossaries Legal Dictionary
A term in a sales or services contract in which the seller defers to the buyer the sole and unilateral discretion as to whether or not the goods or services tendered are acceptable. In the event the price is not paid, no cause of action exists unless the buyer acting in good faith is satisfied, no matter how good the goods or services are in terms of quality. - (read more on Satisfaction guaranteed)
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Satisfaction guaranteed Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
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Satisfaction Guaranteed typically refers to a legally-binding express guarantee of satisfaction in the contract of a sale of goods.

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In law, puffery is a promotional statement or claim that expresses subjective rather than objective views, which no "reasonable person" would take literally. Puffery serves to "puff up" an exaggerated image of what is being described and is especially featured in testimonials.

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