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Definition of Sand dune

Babylon English

hill of drifted sand, mound of sand, small hill made of sand
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WordNet 2.0

1. a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans
(synonym) dune
(hypernym) ridge
(hyponym) seif dune
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
In physical geography, a dune is a hill of sand built by either wind or water flow. Dunes occur in different shapes and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water. Most kinds of dunes are longer on the windward side where the sand is pushed up the dune and have a shorter "slip face" in the lee of the wind. The valley or trough between dunes is called a slack. A "dune field" is an area covered by extensive sand dunes.

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A dune is a hill of sand.

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