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Definition of Quanta

Babylon English

amount; particular quantity; part, portion; large quantity; basic unit of radiant energy (Physics)
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JM Latin-English Dictionary
how great; how much/many; of what size/amount/degree/number/worth/price
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
(pl. )
of Quantum
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
hEnglish - advanced version

quantal adj : (physics) of or relating to a quantum or capable of existing in only one of two states [syn: quantized]

WordNet 2.0

1. a discrete amount of something that is analogous to the quantum in quantum theory
(hypernym) quantity
2. (physics) the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess (according to quantum theory)
(hypernym) measure, quantity, amount
(hyponym) quasiparticle
(classification) physics, physical science, natural philosophy
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Provides specialty electrical contracting and maintenance services including installation, repair and maintenance of electric power transmission and distribution lines and telecommunication and cable television lines, the construction of electric substations primarily related to electric and telecommunications infrastructure in north
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General Chemistry Glossary
(h ) A discrete packet of energy associated with electromagnetic radiation. Each photon carries energy E proportional to the frequency  of the radiation: E = h , where h is Planck's constant .
A discrete packet of energy.
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Quanta is the plural of quantum.

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Quanta Plus, originally called Quanta, is a web Integrated development environment (IDE) for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP and any other XML-based languages or scripting languages. Quanta was licensed under GPL before the release of version 2.0 final.

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