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Definition of Present

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display, demonstrate; bestow, grant, give; offer, serve, hold out; show, exhibit; introduce, present for the first time; acquaint one person with another
existent; in attendance, on hand; of the current times, pertaining to the current times
gift, offering, something that is given to another person without compensation
current time, now; tense expressing the current time (Grammar)
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English-Latin Online Dictionary
charisma, offero, ostendo, munero/munerior, donum
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
A present tense, or the form of the verb denoting the present tense.
Being at hand, within reach or call, within certain contemplated limits; -- opposed to absent.
Favorably attentive; propitious.
Hence: To endow; to bestow a gift upon; to favor, as with a donation; also, to court by gifts.
Not delayed; immediate; instant; coincident.
Now existing, or in process; begun but not ended; now in view, or under consideration; being at this time; not past or future; as, the present session of Congress; the present state of affairs; the present instance.
Present letters or instrument, as a deed of conveyance, a lease, letter of attorney, or other writing; as in the phrase, " Know all men by these presents," that is, by the writing itself, " per has literas praesentes; " -- in this sense, rarely used in the singular.
Present time; the time being; time in progress now, or at the moment contemplated; as, at this present.
Ready; quick in emergency; as a present wit.
To aim, point, or direct, as a weapon; as, to present a pistol or the point of a sword to the breast of another.
To bring an indictment against .
To bring or introduce into the presence of some one, especially of a superior; to introduce formally; to offer for acquaintance; as, to present an envoy to the king; (with the reciprocal pronoun) to come into the presence of a superior.
To exhibit or offer to view or notice; to lay before one's perception or cognizance; to set forth; to present a fine appearance.
To lay before a court as an object of inquiry; to give notice officially of, as a crime of offence; to find or represent judicially; as, a grand jury present certain offenses or nuisances, or whatever they think to be public injuries.
To lay before a public body, or an official, for consideration, as before a legislature, a court of judicature, a corporation, etc.; as, to present a memorial, petition, remonstrance, or indictment.
To make a gift of; to bestow; to give, generally in a formal or ceremonious manner; to grant; to confer.
To nominate for support at a public school or other institution .
To nominate to an ecclesiastical benefice; to offer to the bishop or ordinary as a candidate for institution.
To pass over, esp. in a ceremonious manner; to give in charge or possession; to deliver; to make over.
To present; to personate.
Anything presented or given; a gift; a donative; as, a Christmas present.
The position of a soldier in presenting arms; as, to stand at present.
(v. i.)
To appear at the mouth of the uterus so as to be perceptible to the finger in vaginal examination; -- said of a part of an infant during labor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
hEnglish - advanced version

\pres"ent\, n. [cf. f. présent. see present, a.]
1. present time; the time being; time in progress now, or at the moment contemplated; as, at this present. past and present, wound in one.
2. pl. (law) present letters or instrument, as a deed of conveyance, a lease, letter of attorney, or other writing; as in the phrase, " know all men by these presents," that is, by the writing itself, " per has literas praesentes; " -- in this sense, rarely used in the singular.
3. (gram.) a present tense, or the form of the verb denoting the present tense.

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Everything is as it should be.
Traditionally the phrase used by sergeants when reporting to an officer that the rollcall was successfully completed. One of the numerous, and in this case probably spurious, candidates for the explanation of the word 'okay'. OK = Orl Korrect.
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Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
n., bronntanas
English Phonetics
JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Present = n. a present state
Anghynnrychol = a. not present
Anrhegu = v. to present, to give
Awrhon = ad. at present, now
Baranu = v. to front; to present
Cyflwyno = v. to send; to address; to dedicate; to present
Cynddyrchiol = a. present
Einawr = ad. now, at present
Gweithon = adv. at present, now
Heddy = n. this day, the present day, adv. on this day
Orig = n. a little while; adv. now, at present
Pres = n. what is quick, sharp, or smart; haste; brushwood; fuel; anything streweed; a crib; a place of resort; brass: a. quick, hasty; sharp, over-running, frequent; present
Presen = n. the present; this wife
Presenol = a. imminent; present
Presenu = v. to make present
Rheg = n. a present; a curse
Rhodd = n. a gift, a present
The Devil's Dictionary
Present, (n.)

That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope.
The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce, 1911 (About)
Shakespeare Words
present time
     repents     serpent
WordNet 2.0

1. the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech; "that is enough for the present"; "he lives in the present with no thought of tomorrow"
(synonym) nowadays
(hypernym) time
(hyponym) now
2. something presented as a gift; "his tie was a present from his wife"
(hypernym) gift
(hyponym) birthday present, birthday gift
(derivation) submit
3. a verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking
(synonym) present tense
(hypernym) tense
(hyponym) historical present

1. show or demonstrate something to an interested audience; "She shows her dogs frequently"; "We will demo the new software in Washington"
(synonym) show, demo, exhibit, demonstrate
(hypernym) show
(hyponym) bring home
(derivation) presentation, presentment, demonstration
2. bring forward and present to the mind; "We presented the arguments to him"; "We cannot represent this knowledge to our formal reason"
(synonym) represent, lay out
(hypernym) state, say, tell
(hyponym) argue, reason
(derivation) presentation
3. perform (a play), especially on a stage; "we are going to stage `Othello'"
(synonym) stage, represent
(hypernym) re-create
(hyponym) set, localize, localise, place
(derivation) presentation, presentment, demonstration
(classification) performing arts
4. hand over formally
(synonym) submit
(hypernym) give
(hyponym) bring in
5. introduce; "This poses an interesting question"
(synonym) pose
(hypernym) constitute, represent, make up, comprise, be
6. give, especially as a reward; "bestow honors and prizes at graduation"
(synonym) award
(hypernym) allocate, apportion
(hyponym) certificate
(derivation) presentation
7. give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"
(synonym) give, gift
(hyponym) endow, dower
(derivation) donor, giver, presenter
8. deliver (a speech, oration, or idea); "The commencement speaker presented a forceful speech that impressed the students"
(synonym) deliver
(hypernym) talk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise
(hyponym) speechify
(derivation) presentation
9. cause to come to know personally; "permit me to acquaint you with my son"; "introduce the new neighbors to the community"
(synonym) introduce, acquaint
(hypernym) inform
(hyponym) reacquaint
(verb-group) familiarize, familiarise, acquaint
(derivation) presentation, introduction, intro
10. represent in a painting, drawing, sculpture, or verbally; "The father is portrayed as a good-looking man in this painting"
(synonym) portray
(hypernym) represent, interpret
(hyponym) commend
(derivation) presentation, presentment, demonstration
(classification) art, artistic creation, artistic production
11. present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize; "We confronted him with the evidence"; "He was faced with all the evidence and could no longer deny his actions"; "An enormous dilemma faces us"
(synonym) confront, face
(verb-group) confront, face up, face
12. formally present a debutante, a representative of a country, etc.
(hypernym) introduce, acquaint
(derivation) presentation, introduction, intro
13. recognize with a gesture prescribed by a miltary regulation; assume a prescribed position; "When the officers show up, the soldiers have to salute"
(synonym) salute
(hypernym) greet, recognize, recognise
(entail) gesticulate, gesture, motion

1. temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration; "the present leader"; "articles for present use"; "the present topic"; "the present system"; "present observations"
(synonym) present(a)
(antonym) future
(similar) existing
(attribute) timing
2. spatial sense; being or existing in a specified place; "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding"; "present at the creation"
(antonym) absent
(similar) attending, in attendance(p)
(attribute) presence
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Sean_Woo's Finance,GIS & Real Estate Glossary
show, express
Note: present is very formal, often used in scientific paper in stead of show.
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Dream Dictionary
To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you will be unusually fortunate.

See Gifts.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
Dream Quotations
We live in the present, we dream of the future, but we learn eternal truths from the past.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
The present (or now) is the time that is associated with the events perceived directly and in the first time, not as a recollection (perceived more than once) or a speculation (predicted, hypothesis, uncertain). It is a period of time between the past and the future, and can vary in meaning from being an instant to a day or longer. In radiocarbon dating, the "present" is defined as AD 1950.

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Présent is a French newspaper (published five days a week). It was founded in 1982. It is close to the French Front National, and follows a traditionalist Catholic editorial line. Jean Madiran was for long its editor in chief and is still involved in it.

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English to Federation-Standard Golic Vulcan
la, la'
English - Klingon
v. much
v. much - present (play) music
v. SaH
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Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
rest; a present
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (1869) , by Roswell D. Hitchcock. About
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A Basic Guide to ASL
The upturned right-angle hands drop down rather sharply. The 'Y' hands may also be used.
Both hands, slightly cupped, palms up, are held close to the chest. They move up and out in unison, describing a very slight arc.
Both 'A' hands, with index fingers somewhat draped over the tips of the thumbs, are held palms facing in front of the chest. They are pivoted forward and down in unison, from the wrists.