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Definition of Polarisation

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making polarized, giving two opposite tendencies; condition of having polariy; phenomenon in which light waves move in one plane (also polarization)
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Electromagnetic radiation is a transverse electric field travelling at the speed of light. (There is always a changing magnetic field at right angles to it, but it is simplest to consider only the electic lines of force). It cannot be a longitudinal wave (like sound) essentially because, due to the Lorentz contraction, at the speed of light, a length diminishes to zero in the direction of motion. Thus a transverse wave is similar to the displacements along a taut string that is has had one end accelerated: If accelerated only long a straight line (Y-axis in figure) the resulting wave is plane polarised.

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Polarization or polarisation can refer to:

In the physical sciences
  • Polarization (waves) or State of Polarization (SOP), the direction(s) of the oscillating quantity involved in wave motion.
    • Polarization (antenna), the state of polarization (in the above sense) of electromagnetic waves transmitted by or received by a radio antenna
  • Dielectric polarization, charge separation in insulating materials:
    • Polarization density, volume dielectric polarization
    • Dipolar polarization, orientation of permanent dipoles
    • Ionic polarization, displacement of ions in a crystal
    • Maxwell-Wagner-Sillars polarization, slow long-distance charge separation in dielectric spectroscopy on inhomogeneous soft matter
  • Polarization (electrochemistry), a change in the equilibrium potential of an electrochemical reaction
  • Concentration polarization, the shift of the electrochemical potential difference across an electrochemical cell from its equilibrium value
  • Spin polarization, the degree by which the spin of elementary particles is aligned to a given direction
  • Polarizability, an electrical property of atoms or molecules and a separate magnetic property of subatomic particles
    • Polarization function, a feature of some molecular modelling methods
  • Photon polarization, the mathematical link between wave polarization and spin polarization
  • Vacuum polarization, a process in which a background electromagnetic field produces virtual electron-positron pairs

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WordNet 2.0

1. the condition of having or giving polarity
(synonym) polarization
(hypernym) condition, status
(derivation) polarize, polarise
2. the phenomenon in which waves of light or other radiation are restricted in direction of vibration
(synonym) polarization
(hypernym) optical phenomenon
(derivation) polarize, polarise