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Definition of Platformer

Platformer Definition from Language, Idioms & Slang Dictionaries & Glossaries
Australian Slang
video or computer game in which characters move through a two-dimensional world made up of various horizontal playing areas
Platformer Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
Glossary of petroleum Industry
A catalytic reforming unit which converts low-quality straight-chain paraffins or naphthenes to low-boiling, branched-chain paraffins or aromatics of higher octane; a refinery unit that produces high-octane blending stock for manufacture of gasoline.
Platformer Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Electronic Games
Platform, A gaming genre where players navigate, collect items or destroy enemies by jumping from platform to platform ala Mario. Also known as "platformers."
Platformer Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
A platform game (or platformer) is a video game which involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended platforms, over obstacles, or both to advance the game. These challenges are known as jumping puzzles or freerunning. The player controls the jumps to avoid letting the avatar fall from platforms or miss necessary jumps. The most common unifying element of games of this genre is the jump button. Jumping, in this genre, may include swinging from extendable arms, as in Ristar or Bionic Commando, or bouncing from springboards or trampolines, as in Alpha Waves. These mechanics, even in the context of other genres, are commonly called platforming, a verbification of platform. Games where jumping is automated completely, such as The Legend of Zelda, fall outside of the genre.

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