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Definition of Pendente lite

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While a suit is pending
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Pendente lite is a Latin term meaning "awaiting the litigation" or "pending the litigation" which applies to court orders which are in effect while a matter (such as a divorce) is pending. In divorce a pendente lite order is often used to provide for the support of the lower income spouse while the legal process moves ahead. For more elaboration on how pendente lite works, see the Tanzanian statute "The Probate and Administration of Estates Act Cap 352 Revised Edition 2002", especially Section 38.

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Pendente lite Definition from Law Dictionaries & Glossaries
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Pendente lite means "pending the litigation." When the court makes an order, for example, for temporary alimony or child support, which lasts only until the date of a divorce trial or until the parties to a lawsuit work out a settlement, it is a pendente lite order.

Pendente lite should not be confused with lis pendens. Lis pendens also means pending lawsuit. But lis pendens is a document filed in the public records of the county where particular real property is located stating that a pending lawsuit may affect the title to the property. Because nobody wants to buy real estate if its ownership is in dispute, a lis pendens notice effectively ties up the property until the case is resolved. Lis pendens notices are often filed in divorce actions when there is disagreement about selling or dividing the family home.
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Latin: during litigation. For example, if the validity of a will is challenged, a court might appoint an administrator pendente lite with limited powers to do such things as may be necessary to preserve the assets of the deceased until a hearing can be convened on the validity of the will. - (read more on Pendente lite)
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Latin for "during the litigation." See Counsel Fees Pendente Lite, Motion for
Massachusetts Divorce Law Dictionary
Latin for "during the litigation." See Counsel Fees Pendente Lite, Motion for