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Definition of Parallel

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equidistant, aligned, even, equal; analogous, similar
be equal, be equivalent; correspond, be similar, be analogous
equidistant at all points; corresponding, similar
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Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms
1) The folding frame that forms the base of a readily portable platform. 2) The opposite of SERIES when referring to wiring two loads into one outlet.
Jon Primrose
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
(v. t.)
To produce or adduce as a parallel.
(v. t.)
To place or set so as to be parallel; to place so as to be parallel to, or to conform in direction with, something else.
(v. t.)
To equal; to match; to correspond to.
(v. t.)
Fig.: To make to conform to something else in character, motive, aim, or the like.
(v. i.)
To be parallel; to correspond; to be like.
One of the imaginary circles on the surface of the earth, parallel to the equator, marking the latitude; also, the corresponding line on a globe or map.
One of a series of long trenches constructed before a besieged fortress, by the besieging force, as a cover for troops supporting the attacking batteries. They are roughly parallel to the line of outer defenses of the fortress.
Direction conformable to that of another line,
Conformity continued through many particulars or in all essential points; resemblance; similarity.
Anything equal to, or resembling, another in all essential particulars; a counterpart.
A line which, throughout its whole extent, is equidistant from another line; a parallel line, a parallel plane, etc.
A comparison made; elaborate tracing of similarity; as, Johnson's parallel between Dryden and Pope.
A character consisting of two parallel vertical lines (thus, ) used in the text to direct attention to a similarly marked note in the margin or at the foot of a page.
Having the same direction or tendency; running side by side; being in accordance (with); tending to the same result; -- used with to and with.
Extended in the same direction, and in all parts equally distant; as, parallel lines; parallel planes.
Continuing a resemblance through many particulars; applicable in all essential parts; like; similar; as, a parallel case; a parallel passage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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of latitude n : an imaginary line around the earth parallel to the equator [syn: latitude, line of latitude, parallel]

of latitude...
see parallel

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To cause to correspond or lie in the same direction and equidistant in all parts.
Concise English-Irish Dictionary v. 1.1
English Phonetics
JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Amhafal = a. parallel
Anghyfochrol = a. not parallel
Cyfochr = a. parallel
WordNet 2.0

1. something having the property of being analogous to something else
(synonym) analogue, analog
(hypernym) similarity
2. an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
(synonym) latitude, line of latitude, parallel of latitude
(hypernym) line
(hyponym) polar circle

1. be parallel to; "Their roles are paralleled by ours"
(hypernym) match, fit, correspond, check, jibe, gibe, tally, agree
(derivation) analogue, analog
2. make or place parallel to something; "They paralleled the ditch to the highway"
(synonym) collimate
(hypernym) change, alter, modify
3. duplicate or match; "The polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse"
(synonym) twin, duplicate
(hypernym) match, fit, correspond, check, jibe, gibe, tally, agree

1. being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting; "parallel lines never converge"; "concentric circles are parallel"; "dancers in two parallel rows"
(antonym) perpendicular
(similar) antiparallel
(see-also) comparable
2. of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations; "parallel processing"
(similar) synchronous, synchronal, synchronic
(classification) computer science, computing
Parallel Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
Company Info: Ticker, Name, Description
Parallel Petroleum Corporation
Exchange: Nasdaq
Acquires, explores for, develops, produces and sells crude oil and natural gas.
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A word often used instead of latitude. The most famous use is the "49th parallel", the line of latitude that divides Canada from the United States in the Midwest.
Parallel Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
SAN Acronyms
The simultaneous transmission of data bits over multiple lines.
Internet Glossary
Refers to processes that occur simultaneously. Printers and other devices are said to be either parallel or serial. Parallel means the device is capable of receiving more than one bit at a time (that is, it receives several bits in parallel). Most modern printers are parallel.

TCP/IP Ports Assignments
Parallel for GAUSS (tm).
Parallel for GAUSS (tm).
TCP/IP Ports Assignments (Intrusive)
Parallel for GAUSS (tm).
Parallel for GAUSS (tm).
Multimedia Glossary
the printer connection used most on a computer, allows several bits of information to be transmitted simultaneously
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Parallel may refer to:

  • Parallel algorithm
  • Parallel computing
  • Parallel metaheuristic
  • Parallel (software), a UNIX utility for running programs in parallel
  • Parallel Sysplex, a cluster of IBM mainframes
  • Parallel communication
  • Parallel port
  • Parallel ATA

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