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Read about the Oxford University Press, the largest university press in the world and publisher of distinguished dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus.

About the Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press originated and followed suit the information technology started in the late fifteenth century with the invention of printing from movable kind. Only two years after Caxton set the first printing press in England, Oxford University Press printed its first book in 1478.

Although the printing and publishing industry in Oxford started off early, the printing was done in a somewhat random fashion for one hundred years. It was formed by a number of transitory private businesses, some sponsored by the University itself. However, in 1586 the University itself was granted a decree from the Star Chamber giving it the privilege to print books. The Great Charter secured by Archbishop Laud from King Charles I, was the pivotal element in granting the University the entitlement for publishing books from the most varied subjects and topics. So it is fair to say that the Oxford University Press as it exists nowadays started taking shape in 1633 when it had its first delegates appointed. Detailed minutes of such meetings have been kept.

In the seventeenth century The University received the right to print the King James Authorized Version of the Bible which turned out to be a profitable business throughout the next two hundred years. This enabled the OUP to expand immensely.

In 1896, OUP started to expand internationally, opening an office in the United States.

Also its American counterpart followed Oxford's traditions of religious and academic publications publishing as its first title the Scofield Reference Bible. OUP USA publications have been awarded many literary prizes including Pulitzers, the National Book Awards, and over a dozen Bancroft Prizes in American history. Today OUP USA is Oxford University Press's second major publishing houses and it produces almost 500 titles a year.

OUP is the largest university press in the world and definitely the grandest in the UK. Its publishing landscape has changed considerably since 1896 and today accompanies the growth and evolution of schools' needs with books on English Language Teaching, Music, Sciences, commerce and many other general publishing.

Key Types of Publishing at OUP:

OUP, the Oxford University Press, is without any doubt one of the most diverse publisher of its type. OUP publishes in several countries in a countless variety of languages. The published titles are addressing students at all levels, and manage to cover the entire range of academic disciplines. Works to be published are carefully chosen: The main criteria are quality and the contribution the new title makes to enhance scholarship and education in general. Read more...