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Definition of Organic nitrogen

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Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
Nitrogen that is bound to carbon-containing compounds. This form of nitrogen must be subjected to mineralization or decomposition before it can be used by the plant communities in aquatic and terrestrial environments. This is in contrast with inorganic nitrogen, which is in the mineral state and more readily utilized by plant communities.
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Nitrogen is a chemical element with symbol N and atomic number 7. It is the lightest pnictogen and at room temperature, it is a transparent, odorless diatomic gas. Nitrogen is a common element in the universe, estimated at about seventh in total abundance in the Milky Way and the Solar System. On Earth, the element forms about 78% of Earth's atmosphere and as such is the most abundant uncombined element. The element nitrogen was discovered as a separable component of air, by Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford, in 1772.

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