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Definition of Ordinality

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Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Having a certain order of complexity or being defined on a certain logical level (see theory of logical types ). A property, being defined within one variable or set is of ordinality one. A relation between two entities is of ordinality two, ..., a relation with n arguments is of ordinality n. A different convention of expressing ordinality is to count: unary relation or property, binary relation, ternary relation, quarternary relation,..., n-ary relation. A system within n variables contains up to n!/(m!(n-m)!) relations of ordinality m, msee structure, organization ). (Krippendorff )
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In mathematics, especially in set theory, two ordered sets X,Y are said to have the same order type just when they are order isomorphic, that is, when there exists a bijection (each element matches exactly one in the other set) f: XY such that both f and its inverse are strictly increasing (order preserving i.e. the matching elements are also in the correct order). In the special case when X is totally ordered, monotonicity of f implies monotonicity of its inverse.

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