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Definition of Ooma

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Australian GPS + Postcode Town Index
NSW -33.6334 148.054 2871
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ICAO Airport codes
Masirah Oman
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Ooma is a consumer telecommunications company based in Palo Alto, California, in the United States that allows its users to make phone calls anywhere inside the United States or anywhere inside Canada with low monthly service fees. The Ooma service supports fax machines. After an initial purchase, customers only pay applicable government taxes and monthly access fees. The company was founded in 2004. Actor and producer Ashton Kutcher started with Ooma as its creative director. However, in 2008, Ooma revamped its sales and marketing strategy with a new management team, replacing Kutcher with Richard E. Buchanan, formerly of Sling Media, as their chief marketing officer (CMO). Ooma's initial product was a "VoIP in a box" device which used peer-to-peer VoIP technology to let users make phone calls over other Ooma users' landline services. In January 2008, Ooma terminated the use of peer-to-peer technology, allowing users to completely eliminate their current POTS telephone service. This service is restricted to "residential use only", which is defined as non-commercial usage and under 5000 minutes of outgoing calls per month. Consumers simply purchase an answering-machine-sized device, called Ooma Hub, or Ooma Telo.

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RAFO Masirah is a military airport located on the island of Masirah in Oman.

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