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Definition of Non-consumptive water use

Non-consumptive water use Definition from Society & Culture Dictionaries & Glossaries
Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
Nonconsumptive water use includes water withdrawn for use that is not consumed, for example, water withdrawn for purposes such as hydropower generation. This also includes uses such as boating or fishing where the water is still available for other uses at the same site. The terms Consumptive Use and Nonconsumptive Use are traditionally associated with water rights and water use studies, but they are not completely definitive. No typical consumptive use is 100 percent efficient; there is always some return flow associated with such use either in the form of a return to surface flows or as a ground water recharge. Nor are typically nonconsumptive uses of water entirely nonconsumptive. There are evaporation losses, for instance, associated with maintaining a reservoir at a specified elevation to support fish, recreation, or hydro-power, and there are conveyance losses associated with maintaining a minimum streamflow in a river, canal, or ditch.