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Definition of Nomoi

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Nomos or Nomoi may refer to:
  • the Greek term for "law" (, nómoi). It is the origin of the suffix -onomy, as in astronomy, economy, or taxonomy.
    • custom, traditional social norm, the equivalent of Latin Mores
    • Nomos (music), in early Greek culture, the traditional melody types used by the singer for the recitation of the epics, and all-known melody types used by citharedes and auletes in musical contests.
    • Nomos (mythology), "the spirit of law" in Greek mythology
    • Nomos (sociology), "meaningful orders or worldviews of individuals" in Peter L. Berger's sociology of religion
  • the Greek νομός, meaning "pasture, field; division, distribution; district, province"
    • Nome (Egypt), a subdivisions of Ancient Egypt
    • Nome (Greece), the administrative division immediately below the peripheries of Greece (, nomoí)
-- The nouns nómos and nomós both derive from the verb νέμω, némō] to dispense or to allot, with nomós being the result of allotment and nómos being the manner of allotment or dispensing (justice).

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