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Definition of Nominal scale

Nominal scale Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
Raynet Business & Marketing Glossary
in research, a scale where the numbers act only as data labels (eg 0=male, 1=female or a social security number). The only analysis that can be performed is to observe how frequently each of the scale members occurs in the survey (see nominal scale).
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Nominal scale Definition from Government Dictionaries & Glossaries
DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
See principal scale; scale.
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )
Nominal scale Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Electronic Statistics Textbook
This is a categorical (i.e., quantative and not qualitative) scale of measurement where each value represents a specific category that the variable's values fall into (each category is "different" than the others but cannot be quantitatively compared to the others).
See also, Elementary Concepts.
Nominal scale Definition from Medicine Dictionaries & Glossaries
Glossary of Epidemiology Terms
Classification into unordered qualitative categories; e.g., race, religion, and country of birth as measurements of individual attributes are purely nominal scales, as there is no inherent order to their categories.