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Definition of Narrowcasting

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transmit a program to an intended or limited and specialized audience (opposite of broadcast)
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MONASH Marketing Dictionary
a term used in reference to cable television in the U.S., where cable TV stations, with specialised interests such as sports, news, weather, movies, etc, allow advertisers great selectivity; that is, advertisers can ìnarrowcastî their messages rather than broadcast them.
a term used in reference to cable television in the U">National Account Marketing
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RF Electronics
Programming to smaller audiences with specialized interests.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Narrowcasting has traditionally been understood as the dissemination of information (usually via Internet, radio, newspaper, or television) to a narrow audience; not to the broader public at-large. Also called niche marketing or target marketing, narrowcasting involves aiming media messages at specific segments of the public defined by values, preferences, demographic attributes, and/or subscription. Narrowcasting is based on the postmodern idea that mass audiences do not exist. While the first uses of the term appeared within the context of subscription radio programs in the late 1940s, the term first entered the common lexicon due to computer scientist and public broadcasting advocate J. C. R. Licklider, who in a 1967 report envisioned

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