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Definition of Monotreme

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animal which belongs to the family of egg laying mammals found in Australia (Zoology)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
One of the Monotremata.
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\mon"o*treme\ (?), n. [cf. f. monotrème.] (zo?l.) one of the monotremata.

WordNet 2.0

1. the most primitive mammals comprising the only extant members of the subclass Prototheria
(synonym) egg-laying mammal
(hypernym) prototherian
(hyponym) echidna, spiny anteater, anteater
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Common Terms in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics
A subclass of the Class Mammalia consisting of animals that lay eggs.
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Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs (Prototheria) instead of giving birth to live young like marsupials (Metatheria) and placental mammals (Eutheria). The only surviving examples of monotremes are all indigenous to Australia and New Guinea, although there is evidence that they were once more widespread. The existing monotreme species are the platypus and four species of echidnas (or spiny anteaters). There is currently some debate regarding monotreme taxonomy.

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