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Definition of Mav

Mav Definition from Government Dictionaries & Glossaries
European Defence Agency Acronyms
Miniature Aerial Vehicle
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Military Abbreviations
Micro UAV
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MAV may refer to:
  • Micro air vehicle, a type of remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Mojave Aerospace Ventures, the holding company for the SpaceShipOne space flight effort
  • Migraine-associated vertigo, vertigo or dizziness associated with migraine headache
  • MAV, stage name for Swedish country singer Anders Lundström
  • Magyar Államvasutak (MÁV), the Hungarian national railway company Hungarian State Railways
  • MAV, Minoan Air ICAO code

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Hungarian State Railways is the Hungarian national railway company, with divisions "MÁV START Zrt." (passenger transport), "MÁV-Gépészet Zrt." (maintenance) and "MÁV-Trakció Zrt.". The "MÁV Cargo Zrt" (freight transport) is sold for ÖBB. The head office is in Budapest.

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