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Definition of Marquee

Babylon English

tent or canopy set up for a reception or a social function (British); awning over the entrance of a building such as a hotel or theatre (American); sign over the entrance of a theater that lists the current attraction; screen message that scrolls constantly, text that scrolls onscreen
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
A large field tent; esp., one adapted to the use of an officer of high rank.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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\mar*quee"\ (?), n. [f. marquise, misunderstood as a plural; prob. orig., tent of the marchioness. see marquis.] a large field tent; esp., one adapted to the use of an officer of high rank. [written also markee.]
1. large and often sumptuous tent [syn: pavilion]

2. permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc. [syn: marquise]

WordNet 2.0

1. large and often sumptuous tent
(synonym) pavilion
(hypernym) tent, collapsible shelter
2. permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc.
(synonym) marquise
(hypernym) canopy
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Internet Glossary
(1) On web pages, a scrolling area of text. Starting with Version 2, Microsoft Internet Explorer supports a special <MARQUEE> tag for creating these areas. Netscape Navigator, however, does not support this tag. You can also create marquees with Java applets and Dynamic HTML.
(2) In graphics software, a sizable and movable frame that identifies a selected portion of a bit-mapped image. The marquee frame can be rectangular in shape or, in some cases, irregular. A lasso tool, for example, enables you to select all contiguous portions of an image that share the same color.

The marquee frame is usually displayed with a flashing dashed line. In fact, that explains the origin of the name, since the dashed lines look a little like the flashing lights around a theater entrance, which is also called a marquee.

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Marquee may refer to:
  • Marquee (sign), a sign placed over the entrance to a hotel or theatre or a sign that displays messages such as those used in front of churches and schools. Marquees are also used to illuminate the name of an arcade game at the top of its cabinet.
  • Marquee (tent), a large tent, generally used as a temporary building
  • "Gala Tent", also describes a large Marquee tent, generally a more glamorous event or occasion.
  • "Marquee", a song by Super Chunk from their 1997 album Indoor Living
  • Marquee element, an HTML tag that makes text scroll across the page as if on a marquee
  • Marquee Cinemas, a movie theater chain in the United States
  • Marquee Club, commonly called The Marquee, a rock club in London
  • Marquee player, a player in the Australian A-League whose salary is exempt from capping. In other sports, the term refers to a high-profile player signed by a team to raise its profile using the player's reputation.
  • Marquee selection or Marching ants, an animation technique often found in selection tools of computer graphics programs
  • Marquee Theatre, a concert venue in Tempe, Arizona, United States
  • Avid Marquee, a companion titling tool compiled with the video editing software Avid Media Composer since 2002
  • The Marquee, a magazine covering live music in Colorado

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