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Definition of Mano

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family name
muller, grindstone, grain grinder
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JM Latin-English Dictionary
flow| pour; be shed; be wet; spring
to flow.
Latin-English Online Dictionary
to flow
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\ma"no\ (?), n. [sp., lit., hand.] the muller, or crushing and grinding stone, used in grinding corn on a metate. [mexico & local u. s.]

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Mano may refer to:

  • Mano people, an ethnic group in Liberia
  • Mano of Kauai, eighth Moi of Kauai, Hawaii
  • Manó Andrássy (1821-1891), Hungarian painter, caricaturist, collector, traveler and politician
  • Mano Brown, vocalist from Racionais MC's
  • Mano Dayak (1949-1995), Tuareg leader
  • Mano Ganesan (born 1959), Sri Lankan politician
  • Manó Kogutowicz (1851-1908), Hungarian cartographer
  • Mano Menezes (born 1962), Brazilian football coach
  • Manó Széchényi (1858-1926), Hungarian politician
  • Mano Wijeyeratne (1957-2011), Sri Lankan politician
  • Erina Mano (born 1991), the solo artist for Hello!Project
  • Mordechai Mano (1922-1969), Israeli businessman
  • Mano (Mozambican footballer) (born 1984), real name Celso Halilo de Abdul
  • Mano (Portuguese footballer) (born 1987), real name Luís Miguel Lopes Mendes
  • Mano (singer), stage name of Indian playback singer Nagoor Babu (born 1965)
  • Major Mano, a senior Tamil Tigers commander

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Mandø is one of the Danish Wadden Sea islands off the southwest coast of Jutland, Denmark in the Wadden Sea, part of the North Sea. The island covers an area of 7.63 km² and has 62 inhabitants. The island is situated approximately 12 kilometers southwest of the ancient town of Ribe.

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Mano Blanca , was a Guatemalan right-wing, anti-communist death squad, set up in 1966 to prevent Julio César Méndez Montenegro from being inaugurated as the president of Guatemala. During the government of Méndez Montenegro, it evolved into a paramilitary unit of the Guatemalan armed forces, and was responsible for the murder and torture of thousands of people in rural Guatemala. The group received support from the Guatemalan army and government, as well as from the United States. The group was officially known as the Movimiento de Acción Nacionalista Organizado (English: Movement of Organized Nationalist Action) which gives the acronym "MANO," (Spanish: hand). The group was variously known by its full name, by MANO, or most popularly by Mano Blanca, or "White Hand."

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Mano Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Mano (Gnostic) In the Codex Nazaraeus, chief scripture of the Nazarene Gnostics, the chief of the aeons, the King of Splendor, from whom shoot forth five refulgent rays of divine light. The Codex describes Mano as the supreme King of Light, the great first one: he who first emanates from Ferho, the unknown formless life, generally equivalent to the Second Logos in theosophy.
"He is the Second 'Life' of the second or manifested trinity 'the heavenly life and light, and older than the architect of heaven and earth' (Cod. Naz., Vol. I, p. 145). These trinities are as follows. The Supreme Lord of splendour and of light, luminous and refulgent, before which no other existed, is called Corona (the crown); Lord Ferho, the unrevealed life which existed in the former from eternity; and Lord Jordan -- the spirit, the living water of grace (Ibid. II., pp. 45-51). He is the one through whom alone we can be saved. These three constitute the trinity in abscondito. The second trinity is composed of the three lives. The first is the similitude of Lord Ferho, through whom he has proceeded forth; and the second Ferho is the King of Light -- Mano. The second life is Ish Amon (Pleroma), the vase of election, containing the visible thought of the Jordanus Maximus -- the type (or its intelligible reflection), the prototype of the living water, who is the 'spiritual Jordan.' (Ibid. II., p. 211) The third life, which is produced by the other two, is Abatur (Ab, the Parent or Father).
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A Pali Buddhist Glossary
mind, thinking faculty