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Definition of Linker

Babylon English

person or thing that joins or connects
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linking verb n : an equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence [syn: copula, copulative]

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Noman's Java(TM) Glossary
A module that builds an executable, complete program from component machine code modules. The Java linker creates a runnable program from compiled classes. See also compiler.
Internet Glossary
Also called link editor and binder, a linker is a program that combines object modules to form an executable program. Many programming languages allow you to write different pieces of code, called modules, separately. This simplifies the programming task because you can break a large program into small, more manageable pieces. Eventually, though, you need to put all the modules together. This is the job of the linker.

In addition to combining modules, a linker also replaces symbolic addresses with real addresses. Therefore, you may need to link a program even if it contains only one module.

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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Linker may refer to:

  • Linker (computing), a computer program that takes one or more objects generated by a compiler and links them to standard library function and hence making them  executable program
    • ld (Unix), the linker included in Unix
    • GNU linker, the classic GNU Project's implementation of the Unix command ld
    • gold (linker), rewritten linker implementation in GNU Project.
    • Dynamic linker, the part of an operating system that loads and links the shared libraries for an executable program.

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